Cancel Remini App Subscription

Cancel Remini app subscription

How to Cancel Remini App Subscription on iPhone and Android? Remini Mod APK is well known for its amazing photo restoration skills and draws people in with its AI-driven features. However, it may be difficult to go through the cancellation process if you need to end your Remini Pro APK membership. Do not worry; this post offers thorough instructions on how to easily terminate your Remini Mod APK subscription.

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Understanding Remini App Purchases

Remini Premium APK gives consumers access to sophisticated services like picture enhancement and AI avatar generation through a variety of subscription tiers. You can stop using these services and delete your account from the Remini Pro MOD APK platform by canceling your subscription.

Remini Subscription Cancellation on Android

When using Remini AI on an Android device, there are two main ways to terminate your subscription:

First Method: Google Play Store

  • Launch the Play Store: On your Android smartphone, open the Google Play Store application.
  • Get to the Account Settings: The account symbol is in the upper right corner; tap on it.
  • Go to the Subscriptions page. From the menu, choose “Subscriptions & payments.”
  • Choose a Remini Photo Enhancer Subscription: Find the “Remini-AI Photo Enhancer” subscription and touch on it.
  • Cancel Subscription: Press the “Cancel Subscription” button, usually a cancelation button.
  • Explain (optional): If asked, respond to the prompts by providing the reason for the cancellation.
  • Confirmation: After canceling, you ought to see a notice confirming that your Remini membership was successfully terminated.

Second Method: Remini App Settings

  • Open Remini App: Turn on your Android smartphone and open the Remini Mod APK No Ads app.
  • To access the settings, simply tap the gear-shaped settings icon in the upper right corner.
  • Locate the Subscription Choice: After you scroll down, find the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  • Start the Cancellation Process: Press the “Cancel Subscription” button and adhere to the on-screen directions to begin the cancellation process.

Remini Subscription Cancellation on iPhone

You may use the App Store or your device settings to terminate your membership if you’re using Remini no Ads APK on an iPhone or iPad:

First Method: Apple App Store

  • Open the App Store: On your iPad or iPhone, open the Apple App Store.
  • See Account Click the symbol for your account, then choose “Manage Subscription.”
  • Choose a Remini Subscription: Find “Remini-AI Photo Enhancer” and click on it from the subscription list.
  • Terminate Subscription: To confirm your choice to cancel, choose “Cancel Subscription.”

Second Method: Configure the iPhone

  • To access Settings, use the iPhone’s Settings application.
  • Open the App Store & iTunes: After tapping on your name, choose “iTunes & App Store.”
  • View Apple ID: Press “View Apple ID,” then verify if needed.
  • Control Subscriptions: After swiping down, choose “Subscriptions.”
  • Remini Subscription Cancelled: To cancel, locate the Remini Mod APK for IOs in the list of subscriptions and touch on it.


Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android smartphone, canceling your Remini Mood APK membership is a simple procedure. You may quickly cancel your membership and delete your account from the Remini APK Mod platform by following the instructions given. Furthermore, if you’re looking for an alternative to the subscription model, you might want to look at the Remini Mod APK, which you can download and use to improve photos without any ads.

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